Friday, June 17, 2005


Where's the Apology?

Seems like Bill Frist, Tom DeLay, and others who grossly politicized the Terri Schiavo case owe an apology. Think we're going to get one? Not likely.

Frist, who said he was speaking "as a physician," not long before Schiavo's death said, "In the midst of his impressively detailed medical review, Frist declared flatly: "Terri's brother told me Terri laughs, smiles, and tries to speak. That doesn't sound like a woman in a persistent vegetative state." ("Where's the Apology," by E.J. Dionne.)

Frist was using a family's tragedy to make political hay. For that, we all deserve an apology. Don't hold your breath.

On a completely unrelated note, I appreciate your blogrolling me, but do you realize your link goes to only a single post on my blog? The url for the main page is
hey man i agree totally about the terri shiavo case...theres lots more important things for the rulers of this land to be thinking about....for instance, national poverty....
anyway, great post.
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