Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Schwarzenegger turns up the heat

President Bush and his oil-philiac administration ought to be worried. There's a new leader in the deadly serious campaign to fight global warming -- and he's the Republican governor of the nation's richest, most-trend-setting state (California, of course). And I'm talking about Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, of course.

In a commentary in the London Independent newspaper on the eve of this week's G8 Summit in Scotland, Schwarzenegger wrote: "The debate is over. We know the science. We see the threat posed by changes in our climate," Schwarzenegger wrote. "And we know the time for action is now."

Schwarzenegger's clarion call is a direct slap at the do-nothing, fiddle while the world burns approach of the Bush administration. As the LA Times put it ("Gov. Turns Up Heat in Global Warming Fight"), the governor's "call for immediate action contrasts sharply with the administration's recommendation of only voluntary steps to limit greenhouse gas emissions...."

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Bring on the Hydrogen engine.
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